Are Electronic Shisha Pens legal in Australia?

Smoking cigarettes has been proven to be harmful to overall health. eshisha pens have become a regulated healthier alternative to cigarettes in many parts of the world and, in turn, have become a consumer draw. However, eshisha pens aren’t legal in all cities or countries whether it be using the product, or importing product. If you live, work, or are planning a trip to Australia and are looking into an eshisha alternative you will want to know if you can use them or sell them in that part of the world.

What Are eshisha pens and Regulated Nicotine Replacement?

eshisha pens are an electronic system that delivers nicotine to the user without harmful smoke. Only vapor or mist is emitted when being used. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, Therapeutic Goods Administration, eshisha pens have not been tested for overall safety or as a Nicotine Replacement Product. There are concerns about health and safety when using eshisha pens with nicotine in Australia.

Nicotine Replacement Devices are considered a therapeutic good like nicotine patches. eshisha pens have not been passed as a therapeutic device. If you want to sell or distribute eshisha pens as a tobacco replacement aid you will have to petition the Therapeutic Goods Administration and prove that there are no harmful side effects when using eshisha pens that contain nicotine as a tobacco replacement therapy.

Are eshisha pens Illegal in Australia?

 It is illegal to sell eshisha pens and accessories in Australia that contain any traces of nicotine. Therefore, companies that are based in Australia sell eshisha pens that contain no nicotine whatsoever.


However, the Australian government has made it possible for eshisha users to buy eshisha pens and accessories for personal use from other countries via the internet. You will be able to buy a 3 month supply of nicotine based eshisha pens internationally. You will not be able to have more than 15 supplies imported to you from another country within a year.

Keep in mind that the separate states and territories in Australia do have their own regulations regarding eshisha pens containing nicotine. Make sure you check with the proper office before importing nicotine based eshisha pens.

Public Bans On Use Of eshisha pens

 Some states in Australia, like Queensland, have banned eshisha usage in public places. They have also outlawed regular tobacco use in public, as well as advertising and underage sales. The law states that a user in public can be fined. Also, shops that allow public use can be fined as well.

In the state of Western Australia, eshisha pens have been banned completely, however, regular cigarettes are still very legal. Employers in Australia have been advised that they can ban the use of eshisha pens at work by employees because of the unknown side effects that may be caused to others by their use.

There are many differing beliefs regarding the safety of eshisha pens as opposed to regular cigarettes. Members of The World Health Organization have called for a lift on restrictions because eshisha pens can be used to help regular smokers quit smoking. Others are citing problems with nicotine concentrations. Some may be too strong, or not strong enough for the consumer. They also have warned against buying defective eshisha pens that can cause injury when used.